Who We Are

We are a group of individuals, skilled in different areas of journalism and graphics who are dedicated to bringing the most complete information we can find on topics of interest to you the community. We are newcomers and old-timers as well with many different perspectives.

We have noted, over the years, that other local publications have either abandoned the concept of "local" in their papers or have presented information that was not representative of reality. Public meetings would be described that bore little relation to the salient issues being discussed and did not reflect the actual community sentiments being expressed. We want to report what is really of importance to people.

Our other goal is to provide local information about the area in which we live, including education about agriculture that is rarely covered in other local publications. Our reporters, writers and graphic artists all understand the importance of agriculture to the whole of this community not just for what is produced and its historical values but for the vistas that everyone cherishes. We are all dedicated to being an important messenger in this very vibrant community. We hope you will join us in this endeavor!