Feb. 23


Deputies were dispatched to the 1000 block of Edison Street. CHP officers had detained a man who had two active warrants. Deputies spoke to the man and learned he had marijuana on him. They also found a set of Ford keys in his pocket. The man, 19, of Oceana said he didn’t know who they belonged to and had found them near his residence.

A bitter breakup

Around 4 p.m. a man called deputies to report a burglary. He had left to play golf and returned at 1 p.m. to find his bedroom unlocked and his safe – which contained his passport, tax documents, $300 to $400, and his vehicle’s pink slip – missing. He said his ex-girlfriend was the only person who knew where he kept the key to his safe. He also noted that when he was playing golf, she called him asking where he was and what time he expected to be home. At 6 p.m. the man called law enforcement again. He had confronted his ex-girlfriend, 41, of Woodland Hills, who admitted she had someone break into his residence as “payback” for breaking up with her. After he told her to return the safe and its contents, she agreed on the condition that he not involve law enforcement. She told him to meet her at a gas station in Solvang at 7:30 p.m. He agreed and arrived, but she called him saying there had been a change of plans and wanted to meet him at Hotel Corque. Worried about his safety, he asked deputies to drive to the hotel. They arrived at 7:50 p.m. and saw her vehicle pull up. She walked around the rear door and removed the safe. Deputies arrested the woman. She said she was only trying to teach him a lesson, but she admitted she’d made a “big mistake.” She had no information on the man who had purportedly done her dirty work. She was booked into county jail.

Feb. 24

The court jester

At 11:14 deputies received a call from a Santa Ynez man who said his ex-girlfriend was calling and harassing him from a blocked telephone number. He said his ex was arrested the day before for possessing and receiving stolen property from his home. He said he would attempt to obtain a restraining order against her. Around noon, deputies were contacted by the man, who was in the parking lot of Solvang court and was being followed by his ex-girlfriend. A deputy spotted her pulling out of the lot and onto Highway 246. He stopped her on Alisal Road. She claimed she was there to obtain a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend, even though she admitted she had been calling him since she was released from jail. She also could not explain why she left the station’s parking lot. The man said his ex-girlfriend was arrested after she entered his home, stole his safe, money and some personal items. He said he feared for his safety because he heard that she had a friend, who owned a handgun, help her. He said his ex-girlfriend called him 15 times that day. He said when he arrived in the parking lot of the court, he saw her in his rear-view mirror. She then pulled next to his vehicle and yelled something from her driver’s-side window. The woman was booked into county jail. Her vehicle was towed to a nearby commercial lot.

Feb. 25

Cuts like a knife

At 10:49 a.m. deputies walking the Chumash Casino parking lot saw two subjects sitting in a truck. They contacted them to find out what they were doing. They immediately saw the passenger attempt to hide a 24-oz. can of beer. One of the deputies spoke with the driver. Another spoke with the passenger and when he asked to see his identification, the man, 44, of Santa Maria merely stared at him and then looked away. He then began to place his left hand inside his vest pocket. The deputy ordered him to remove his hand from his pocket, but the subject again stared at him blankly and did not follow orders. For his safety, the deputy pinned the man’s hand to his chest and opened his vest, where he found a large folding knife. The passenger, who smelled of alcohol, was booked into county jail.

Food for thought

Deputies responded to El Rancho Market on a report of a shoplifter detained. The suspect, 52, of Santa Ynez had placed $145 worth of items in her cart and left. The manager contacted the woman, who was walking toward her vehicle. When she saw the manager, she immediately said, “I can pay for it.” Instead, she walked with the manager to the store office. She told the deputies she knew before she entered the store that she did not have enough to pay for the items she needed. She had $14 on her and said these were “tough times,” and she thought she could get away with it. The deputy later received consent to search the woman’s vehicle. Inside he found her wallet with credit cards and cash. The woman could not explain why she didn’t use the currency she had to purchase the items. She was booked into Lompoc City Jail.

Feb. 28

Valley forge

At 5:41 p.m. deputies were called to CVS Pharmacy on a report of a forged prescription. The male suspect, 57, of Los Angeles had dropped off a prescription for oxycodone and amoxicillin under a doctor’s name that had been flagged by the Rite Aid pharmacy in Solvang for being used to forge prescriptions. A deputy contacted the man, who was sitting in the waiting area, and told him there seemed to be a problem with his prescription. The man gave the deputy a different name for his doctor. The deputy learned that the man was on probation out of Los Angeles for narcotics-related charges. The man told the deputy he had returned from San Luis Obispo, where he’d been visiting a friend. But he could not provide his friend’s last name and address. The man’s probation showed he was only allowed to travel 50 miles from his home. The man continued to repeat his claim that the prescription was authentic. He was arrested and booked into county jail.

Feb. 29

Face the music

At 8:25 a.m. deputies responded to west Highway 246 in Buellton on a report of a violation of a restraining order. They contacted a man who said his 43-year-old neighbor had been arrested on Feb. 23 for vandalizing his front door with a sword. This time, the neighbor had been blaring his music, which was, he believed, retaliation because the neighbor never played loud music before. Because the noise stopped, shortly before the deputies arrived, and the neighbor had been served a 30-day notice to vacate, the man requested deputies not contact the neighbor for fear that it might upset him more. The deputies returned to their vehicles to discuss the call and heard music booming from the neighbor’s residence, despite the noise of passing traffic. They contacted the man. He said he knew he was not to contact, threaten, or annoy the victim, and said he had been working on a new song and wasn’t aware he had disturbed anyone. He agreed to let the deputies look at his music studio. They saw an amplifier with several speakers set up, all pointed in the direction of the neighbor’s residence, which was about 40 feet away from the room. The deputies took photographs of the studio and seized the man’s electric guitars and amplifier. They arrested and booked him into Lompoc City Jail.

Rude awakening

A deputy was dispatched to check the welfare of a man who was reportedly lying on the side of a road in Santa Ynez. The deputy found the man, 53, homeless, lying on his back on the north shoulder of E. Highway 246 and Meadowvale Road. He requested assistance from fire and medics until he realized the man was OK. The man had woken up and told the deputy to “(bleep) off” and said he was sleeping. The man at first refused to identify himself but later gave the deputy his name and date of birth. A records check showed he had two outstanding warrants for his arrest out of Ventura County. The deputy called for another deputy to assist him. The two struggled to handcuff the man, who told them he would not go to jail because he believed Ventura and Santa Barbara counties were part of a conspiracy to murder him. The man was booked into county jail.