Wide-ranging salute

We pay tribute to our Armed Forces, for all they have sacrificed for the United States of America. Our nation is blessed with men and women who are ready to be in harm’s way, to support the freedoms we all enjoy.

When you see a Vet and Active Duty, there’s no harm saying, “Thanks for your service.” Can also shake a hand or pat a shoulder. This old gal also thanks our police, sheriff and fire personnel.

In the news of the 21st century, we always hear of the gangs fighting and killing on our streets. Please remember and honor the gangs called: Army, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, National Guard, Reserve, Air Force, police, sheriff and fire personnel. I thank them all for helping keep my country strong.

Too many hundreds of thousands since before the founding of this great nation have paid the ultimate price for service to their country. Families of our service members have paid. So many come into this world not knowing the feeling of a hug from their fallen hero. Please know there is a world full of thanks and pride, and we are – as many as ants at all the summer picnics throughout the years – so sorry for your loss.

Please know you have every right to be proud of your loved one’s service.

Gwyneth DeBiase