Much appreciated

Nancy Crawford-Hall has given her soul and spirit of truth from her perspective to us in her newspaper and with the employees that she has to whom many of us can relate and trust. That speaks mountains to me.

Ms. Crawford-Hall does not care about being loved. She puts the truth over that and keeps corruption out of her paper. Thank you.

Charlene Abundis

Santa Ynez

Days of malaise

Welfare, food stamps, Section 8 and the 99ers are all just another form of slavery, and this is a pathetic plan by the Democrats to keep everyone lazy and dependent on government. (Pandering for votes at their expense).

The problem is we all see these people scamming the failed 50-year-old welfare experiment. The failed experiment has caused millions of people to become lazy envious and angry as ever when they finally realize they are slaves and losers. Just sad.

Welfare destroys the American work ethic, and that’s the real reason people won’t hire those deadbeats. (Bad habits with no accountability.) Too many lazy takers on the dole, and the makers or private sector workers are running out of money and patience with all the free handouts at their expense.

Kevin O’Connor

Santa Barbara

The American dream?

Solvang is a town that provides a clear answer to President Obama’s question about small businesses and a challenge to this anti-business administration that, it is obvious, believes that a socialist Government is the answer to all our problems.

As President Reagan said, “In this present crisis, government is not the solution; government is the problem.”

Solvang was founded by a group of independent thinking and acting Danish Americans and Danish immigrants in 1911, when it was nothing but sunny fields surrounding an early Catholic mission. Through their industriousness a small town was formed, then expanded, that to date has entertained millions of visitors and generated scores of millions in income.

It also provides employment to hundreds of people. It is a sterling example of how small businesses develop, what they can do, and the jobs that they can create in an entrepreneurial process.

This will be little understood by most politicians, but assuredly that realization of the American dream comes from continual personal effort and not from a government handout. President Obama’s philosophy is based on the 130-year-old Marxist dream world, and is not the American dream, but an American horror story that is now unfolding.

Howard Morseburg