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Vol. 5 Issue 10

California State Assembly Supports Bill to Protect Affordable Housing in California

The California State Assembly passed Assembly Bill 1542 41-27, June 7 in an attempt to reinstate local control over subdividing mobilehome parks and maintaining rent control.

Friends Bid Farewell to Maureen Joyce

How do you bid a dear friend goodbye who is moving out of the State?

Sue Pohls, Maria Murdock and Claire Hanssen Ellingsberg put their heads together and came up with a perfect plan. They gathered a group of Maureen Joyceís pals and put on a lavish five course luncheon, which was held in the secret hidden banquet room at Grappoloís Restaurant....

News in Brief

State Assembly Approves Mandatory Spay and Neuter Bill

June 6 the California State Assembly approved the California Healthy Pets Act, requiring the spaying and neutering of all cats and dogs by the time they are 4 months old if owned without in tact pet permits....

Scene in the Valley!

Santa Ynez Valley Sportsmenís Associationís Scholastic Clay Target Programís Kidís Right on Target

June 3, 2007 was the California Central Zone Shoot in Tulare, Calif. with an attendance of 25 junior shooters attending. The kids shoot at the Central Zone shoot as a warm up for the State Competition on June 16 in Kingsburg, Calif. The weather was hot, the...

Arts and Entertainment!

Trivial Comedy to Strike Earnest Tone at Solvang Festival Theater

Juxtaposing dichotomous virtues has long been a staple of intellectual comedy. Playing levity off of gravity can reveal the depths of both in an enlightening and hilarious fashion. When composed with the wit and verbal prowess of a writer such as Oscar Wilde, the two can open the...