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On the Ranch with Nancy Crawford-Hall
Everything from science, animals, police presence, to the loss of a dear and close friend.

Bernice Rhea Stapp Baker Stableford
(aka) "Bernie" 1951-2007

Santa Cruz Spay and Neuter Bill Works
Follow up article on the controversy surrounding a variety of statistics

Political Opinion From the Left
Civil Liberties in a Post 9-11 World

Political Opinion From the Right
Civil Liberties in a Post 9-11 World

Plane Talk with Robert Perry
A Subset of Men and Their Planes

Hoof Beats with Pat Murphy
Mule Daze!

Valley People
Paint and Wine Pair Well in One Local Artist's Collection; Meet Christina LoCascio

Your Business is Our Business
High Quality Printing is Not All They Do

Golf with Ray Navis
Avila Beach Golf and More

Arts and Entertainment
Previews and Reviews

It's Just My Opinion
There's Nothing New Under the Sun

Commentary by Kathryn Bowen
Tribal Gambling Expansion Deals, Investigation Not Ratification

Commentary by Andy Caldwell of (COLAB)
Where's the Beef?

Your Letters
Voices of the Community

Local Police Blotter
Local Crimes and Incident Reports

Events in Santa Barbara County

Art Scene
Upcoming Art Events

Furry Friends Seeking Good Homes
Meet Shiloh and Hope

Book Reviews
Kathy Mullins Gives Us a Sneak Peak of a Variety of Reading Material

Vol. 5 Issue 12

Possible Expansion of Buellton to be Topic at Next City Council Meeting

As growth in Santa Barbara County continues to be a hot bed of debate, Buellton may not be left out of the loop of controversy regarding future expansion, following the coming City Council Meeting.

Fast Track to Unregulated Indian Gaming

The Cost of Political Persuasion

California is on the fast track to ratify amended Indian Gaming Compacts promising the state hundreds of millions of dollars by expanding Indian gaming operations, without significant regulations to guarantee the state anything. ...

Scene in the Valley

Classes of 2007!

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it,” said William Arthur Ward to the Santa Ynez Valley Union High School’s the class of 2007, who graduated Friday, June 15 at the SYVUHS Athletic Stadium. The ceremony started out with...

  • By Gerri Massey, Valley Staff and Contributing Community Members
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News Briefs

Solvang School District is Ready to Sell & Issue Bonds

After last year’s elections, the Solvang School District is now preparing to issue the first series of General Obligation bonds. The Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution authorizing the Solvang School District, which only includes Solvang School, to issue and sell the bonds directly, June...

By the Associated Press

Experimental Therapy Shows Preliminary Promise for Easing Parkinson's Disease

NEW YORK (AP) _ An experimental treatment for Parkinson's disease seemed to improve symptoms _ dramatically so, for one 59-year-old man _ without causing side effects in an early study of a dozen patients....

By the Associated Press

Bush Plans to Veto Stem Cell Bill

Bush Plans to Veto Stem Cell Bill

WASHINGTON (AP) - Pushing back against the Democratic-led Congress, President Bush intends to veto a bill Wednesday that would have eased restraints on federally funded embryonic stem cell research _ work that supporters say holds promise for fighting disease....

By the Associated Press

NYC Mayor Bloomberg Resigns from GOP

NYC Mayor Bloomberg Resigns from GOP

NEW YORK (AP) _ New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Tuesday switched his party status from Republican to unaffiliated, a stunning move certain to be seen as a prelude to an independent presidential bid that would upend the 2008 race....