Hard work isn’t a novelty for Nathan Stone, owner of Stone Concepts, a business that specializes in decorative stamped, textured and colored concrete walkways, driveways and retaining walls

Hard work isn’t a novelty for Nathan Stone, owner of Stone Concepts, a Solvang based business that specializes in decorative stamped, textured and colored concrete walkways, driveways and retaining walls.


Stone spends most of his days, rain or shine, mixing, pouring, laying, color sealing and stamping concrete to resemble some of the most exquisite materials many customers desire but may not be able to afford.


“A lot of people decide to go with stamped concrete because it’s extremely expensive to finish projects with other elements and it is a cost effective method,” Stone said.


Opened in 2006 by Stone and his wife Tammy, Stone Concepts not only specializes in decorative and textured concrete, but also handles general concrete services including structural and foundation work.


The blueprint for Stone Concepts can be traced back to Stone’s upbringing in construction contracting and the concrete stamping training he received in Chicago.

“My dad was a painting contractor for many years,” Stone said. “Now he’s doing real estate in the Valley.”


“He always stressed the fact that hard work pays off,” Stone said. “Everything we had was because of his blood and sweat.”


After moving to the Valley in 1998 Stone dabbled  in concrete slabbing before moving to Chicago Illinois, where he learned the ins and outs of the concrete stamping trade, while working for Bomanite, a concrete contractor that specializes in toppings, imprinting, exposed aggregate and other services.


After marrying his wife Tammy, who he met in Chicago, the couple moved back to Santa Ynez and started Stone Concepts.


“I really like the Valley because it’s a small town and there’s a good rapport with the contractors here,” Stone said. “It’s a nice working environment. Everyone knows everybody and a lot of contractors do high quality work.”


Though Stone’s childhood dream was to be a fireman, to say that he enjoys working with concrete would be an understatement.


“With concrete I love the versatility aspect,” he said. “There are so many things you can do with concrete, with decorative concrete; after you’re done it looks nice.”


“My dream was to be a fireman, but concrete’s in my blood and I love it. Once you pour concrete you can’t stop,” Stone added.


Stone’s sense of dedication to his business has not only brought him many customers but his sense of duty has not gone unnoticed by his clients.


“Business has been pretty good in the Valley,” Stone said. “I can’t complain, lately work has been going extremely well and we’ve been really busy.”


Resort Manager for the Flying Flags RV Resort in Buellton Dan Baumann is a client of Stone Concepts, who was pleased with the project the park contracted Stone to complete as well as Stone’s work ethic and positive outlook.


“What I think is different about Nathan is that he brings enthusiasm to the project,” Baumann said. “He contributed some ideas that lead to the project turning out looking even better than we had planned.”


“Even people who were not involved in the project commented on Nathan’s great personality. You can’t help smiling when you’re around him,” Baumann added. “We plan on hiring him for our other phases of renovation scheduled for September.”


Stone’s wife Tammy, who handles the administrative side of the business out side of her full-time insurance agent position in Santa Barbara, also appreciates her husband’s uplifting attitude.


“His personality has helped me out in my own job, where what I do is very customer service orientated,” she said. “It’s also helped me to care more about people and be in a better mood. It’s hard to be cranky around someone who smiles all the time.”


Stone attributes the success of his newly founded business to the support he has received from his family, friends and especially his wife.


I am really thankful to have the support of my wife and family, because without them I wouldn’t be able to do it,” he said. “My wife plays a big role in this. A lot of times she still has to be at work in the morning and she’s up helping me out.”


Though Stone is only 25-years-old, he seems to be on the fast-track to success and is eager to make his dreams of working and raising a family in the Valley a reality.


“Hopefully we will have a house out here and be able to start a family in five years,” Stone said. “I see my business still based in the Santa Ynez Valley, busy and growing, with me still doing the decorative aspect of concrete installation.”


For more information about Stone Concepts located at 606 Alamo Pintado in Solvang, contact Nathan Stone at 805-331-4121.