The first reason to love Los Alamos is that the Ghost Riders Tavern reopened in its new digs

The first reason to love Los Alamos is that the Ghost Riders Tavern reopened in its new digs. Everyone should stop by to see the new handmade bar and stay for some socializing in a great, light, airy atmosphere. The owner, Jerry Gormley, has put his heart and hard earned cash into making it a great place to hang out. At its opening bash, a good number of our town’s people shared more than one iced libation. Even our unofficial mayor, Cowboy the dog, graced the door with his presence. In a few weeks Ghost Riders will start serving food and the patio will be a great place to grab a bite to eat and watch the world go by.

The second reason to love Los Alamos is that we know just about everyone or can get to know almost anyone, just by frequenting the post office, the Los Alamos Market, Charlie’s, Javy’s, Quackenbush or any number of our wine tasting rooms.

Oh, am I forgetting someplace? Flatbread Pizza, of course. It’s the restaurant that causes our eyes to glaze over in sated memories of that luscious, gooey pie we have all overdosed on in copious amounts, which is usually followed by locally squeezed grape juice.

Sound familiar? If eating pizza was a crime, we would all be locked up for overindulgence. Has anyone seen the button to my pants?

The third reason to love Los Alamos is our Los Alamos Community Planning Advisory Committee. If you have not been to any meetings, you have truly missed the good, the bad and the ugly about our community. The good is Chris Wrather, the committee chair, whose patient, open mind has brought a calming logic to the planning process. The other good, being that there is not really any bad or ugly, are Jose Jimenez, Merle Blasjo, Susan DeWit, Dave Tate, Colleen Thompson and Natalie Werk, who have all survived umpteen meetings, where many of us have cross-fired at each other. Yet, we do manage to regain our composure once our feet cross the threshold of our post office and we realize that we are still neighbors. Good neighbors, albeit, who wear kooky jammies to get our mail.

Where was I? The third reason to love Los Alamos. Oops, Maybe that’s the 34th reason. I have lost count. Or maybe I am loosing it, as my eyes roll into the back of my head, as I stagger towards the woody, beefy scent that is luring me to Twin Oaks.