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Vol. 5 Issue 35


Big boy toys

During the mid ’70s, after graduating from USC with an MBA degree, local pilot Ken Karas wanted to serve his country as a naval aviator. Unfortunately, at that time the Navy was experiencing a reduction of forces after the end of the war in Vietnam and...


Open and ready for its seasonal business

Celebrating 28 years of business, Agin Family Christmas Trees is enjoying brisk sales, according to Wade Agin, resident associate. ...


Author Lynn Wilkelis translates wanderlust into historical fiction

Lynn Wilkelis is a woman with many interests and many talents. ...

  • By Leanne Cooper–Elliott, Contributing Writer
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Inspirational celebration of champions

Each year in November, the Santa Ynez Equestrian Society holds an elegant banquet to reward all those riders who have competed in the three different types of shows that are sponsored by the Equestrian Center each year. At this time, the top awards are presented to...


It’s a casual thing

With the rising popularity of wine on the Central Coast, I am often stunned that there aren’t more spots to go and enjoy well-made wine in a social context — a place to loosen ties and relax after a hard day’s work; a place where good...