SYVUHS Student of the Month

Santa Ynez Union High School senior Chelsea Weatherby has dreams and ambitions, and more fingers in more pies than most adults twice her age. Named SYVUHS’ November Student of the Month, Chelsea’s curricular and extracurricular activities seem to know no bounds.

A highly ambitious seventeen-year-old, Chelsea is the daughter of Rob and Trish Weatherby of Santa Ynez

A highly ambitious seventeen-year-old, Chelsea is the daughter of Rob and Trish Weatherby of Santa Ynez. She is a young woman who is athletic, accomplished academically, and has set her sights on a future that holds great promise for travel, a family, and a place in the business world.


“I love school,” Chelsea said. “Homework can get a little annoying at times, but I’ve always liked school.” That view is evident in the list of clubs, teams, and programs that have Chelsea’s name on their roster. For starters, sports. Chelsea is a member of the SYVUHS varsity tennis team for the second year running. She plays doubles tennis and this year her team won 1st in league standings.

Then we turn to academics. Chelsea earned the accolade of Advanced Placement Scholar with Distinction through a series of advanced placement tests based on multiple topics, including history and science, and scored at least a 4 out of a possible 5 points, on five or more tests -- an accomplishment involving relatively little effort for someone maintaining a 4.7 grade point average.


Then there is her community service: Chelsea was invited to become a member of the National Honors Society during her sophomore year. The invitation was again based on grade point average, but the honor mainly involves community service. Now that December has arrived, Chelsea will be found ringing the bell for Salvation Army Charities in front of El Rancho Marketplace.


When not in school, or tearing up the tennis court, Chelsea is involved with People to People International, an organization whose motto is “Peace through understanding.” Chelsea joined the group in her freshman year and has served as treasurer and vice president, and currently holds the position of president. During the PTPI monthly meetings, the members learn about different regions and cultures around the world and, as a body, vote on projects to help support and aid people in need. Over the last three years, Chelsea’s club organized a toothbrush drive for Afghan refugees, raised funds for Katrina’s flood victims and for the Santa Barbara Unity Shoppe.


For the last two summers, Chelsea was involved in a three-week program designed to help young adults find a career direction by immersing them in topics of interest. The first summer, Chelsea studied chemical engineering at Stanford University. “My Sophomore year I was set on becoming an engineer, but during the program at Stanford I realized I don’t like physics; it was hard to grasp the concepts. I realized I needed something with a little more creativity,” Chelsea said.