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Scene In The Valley
From a Chumash Sponsored Athletic Event to Easter Egg Hunting in Buellton and Firefighters

On The Ranch
Nancy gives her take on many issues regarding the Valley.

Pat Murphy Lets Readers in on Cutting Horses

Plane Talk
More about the Going-Ons at the Airport Including the Airport Authority Meeting Update

Golf with Ray Navis
Discover the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn and Golf

Wine Tasting With Micah Elconin
Micah gives us a Sneak-Peak of the Beckman Winery

Design Decoration
Michelle Neels Answers Your Design Questions

Check Out What's Going on in The Valley Area

There's a New Art Inspiration in Town
A Fresh Venu for an Art Smorgasboard; Plus: The Art Calendar

It's Just My Opinion, By Harris Sherline
Harris Shares What Respecting the Flag Means for Him

Your Letters
Letters to the Editor Including Publisher Nancy Crawford-Hall's Responses

Kathy Mullins Ends the Month of Poetry on a Spring Note


Vol. 5 Issue 5

Tribal Chairman Claims “Whackos”; Tribal Government Minutes Say Otherwise

Tribal General Council Meeting Minutes obtained by the Santa Ynez Valley Journal and the California Gaming Commission seem to support claims made by those who the Chairman calls “whackos.” The minutes tell of plans to purchase properties in the community to support their gaming business so that they can turn “non-gaming areas into gaming areas”. Are the statements that have been made to the media by tribal members simply word play, as anti expansion groups claim? You decide.

Local News Briefs. Catch up on Local News! Updated Regularly!

Eight-Year-Old Girl Reports Suspicious Activity to Mother

An eight-year-old girl reported being confronted by two Hispanic males in a vehicle as she left Los Berros School, 3745 Via Lato, Lompoc, Wednesday. The girl also reported that this was the second time she was confronted by the same men, the previous incident occurred on Monday 4-16....

Report Cards

Valley Schools Score High API; Students Still Failing Standarized Tests

Are Valley Students Failing the Grade?

Though many schools continue to improve their performance, high percentages of students failing standardized tests in the Valley continue to plague Santa Barbara County School District....

An Easter Special with Marines Bobby and Will

Marines, Bobby and Will, Spend Easter in the Valley

Marines Bobby and Will spend their easter away from their base at 29 Palm Springs, Ca. Here in the Valley.

Our Easter was a one-of-a kind this year that neither my family nor I will ever forget. We were blessed with the presence of two very brave, intriguing and bright young men, only 20 years old, Marine Corporals Will and Bobby....

Meet Faith Deeter; Equine Therapist who gives back to the community

Faith Deeter is Her Name and Counseling is Her Game

Life moseys by on the back road of Santa Rosa while the grape vines, bare and vulnerable, struggle against the afternoon gust. Urban matters seem irrelevant at Well Spring Stables as the 40-plus horses keep a watchful eye and the old dog kicks up dust with the heaviness of his arthritic limp....