AIDS group plans benefit bike ride


Registration is now underway for the annual AIDS Lifecycle event, a bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to benefit the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the HIV and AIDS services affiliated with the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center.

Persons interested in participating in the race, scheduled for June 1-7, will travel 545 miles along the California coast. Currently 10 riders have been sponsored for the event, which seeks to have record donations and participation this year.


“This is a fantastic experience for each rider, volunteer and donor,” said David Driscoll, Team Great Outdoors captain and rider. “Participants can have the experience of a lifetime.”

No experience is necessary to participate and information on training, equipment, fundraising and other details is available to entrants. Workshops are also scheduled. “Our community support partners advise and help you all the way. This help includes discounts on all your needed gear,” he explained. Those signing up for the ride through Team Great Outdoors also will receive a registration discount.


During the ride, all meals, tents and showers are provided to the participants by the sponsors. Driscoll added that Team Great Outdoors, the group handling this year’s event, is looking for corporate sponsors to provide jerseys for the participants.