Nava puts brakes on water district bill


SACRAMENTO — Responding to pressure from constituents in the Santa Ynez Valley, Assemblymember Pedro Nava, D-Solvang, announced on July 14 that he had put a hold on Assembly Bill 2686.

The measure would create a Santa Ynez Valley Water District, changing the name and parent agency of the current Santa Ynez Water Conservation District, Improvement District #1.

ID No. 1, as it currently is known, was established in 1961 as an assessment area to generate funds to build and operate water transmission and distribution facilities relating to the Cachuma Project.

The water board was founded prior to the formation of the Local Agency Formation Commission, and the bill is designed to end years of jurisdictional disputes between the governmental agencies. 


“After speaking with Santa Barbara County Supervisor Janet Wolf and community leader Doreen Farr, I feel there are misconceptions about this legislation,” said Nava in his statement.  “By allowing for additional time at the local level to review the measure, I am confident the residents of the Santa Ynez Valley will receive the information they need.”

Nava noted that the bill will only change the name of the agency and not any of the powers, duties, responsibilities, and obligations that it currently has.  The bill will grant the new district the authority to exercise the powers of a water replenishment district, allowing the reinjection of surface water, from rainfall and from the Santa Ynez River, back into the underground aquifer for future use.