A dispute between a woman who wanted to build a large dog kennel off of Alamo Pintado Road in Solvang and her future neighbors was not decided by the county board of supervisors as expected.

Salwa Alfadl withdrew her application to build a 2,730-square-foot indoor kennel, which her neighbors were concerned would have been used commercially.

The matter had been scheduled for consideration by the board on Oct. 28, but because the application was withdrawn, the item was removed from the agenda.


“We have the same concerns any homeowner would have when you hear a kennel is moving into your neighborhood,” said Mitch Williams, leader of the neighbors’ opposition group.

They pooled their money to pay for their own noise study, which refuted the county’s assertion that the barking would not exceed the noise threshold.

The neighbors’ noise study found that the dogs would increase the ambient noise level in the area by 10 to 17 decibels.

Alfadl’s kennel was characterized and approved as a limited commercial use by the county planning and development department. The neighbors first appealed to the county planning commission and they lost. The neighbors also expressed concerns about property values, quality of life, zoning regulation and consistency during their appeal.


“Our concern is having a kennel in the neighborhood is just not appropriate, will be offensive and detrimental and by permitting this, the county is setting a precedent that it’s going to happen in anybody’s neighborhood that’s quasi-rural,” Williams said.

It was not known why Alfadl, an Oxnard resident, decided to withdraw her application. Attempts to reach Ms. Alfadl for comment were not successful.


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