Oct. 11

Warrants? Who, me? That’s funny!

Deputies responded to a loitering complaint in Nielsen’s Market parking lot where they saw three young men and a young woman standing beside a vehicle with various items thrown on the pavement around the car. The Northern California twenty-somethings said they were taking a road trip to Cachuma Lake but got lost. When deputies asked if they had any warrants, were on probation or parole or had illegal items, they each laughed. When asked for identification, one man said he had none and presented the deputy with a Stanford University student I.D. that expired in 2005. When a deputy conducted a records check of one of the young men, he found a possible warrant. The man was arrested for providing false information to a police officer.


Oct. 18

Sweet lovin’ in the Solvang Post Office

While on Alisal Road, two female subjects told a deputy that a man and a woman were having sex in the Solvang Post Office. When the deputy responded to the call at the post office, he observed, through the building’s glass doors, a man in the corner of the room with his pants unbuttoned and a woman on her knees in front of him. The deputy recognized the Solvang man from earlier in the night when he was investigating a separate incident. The deputy knocked on the glass door, and the two love birds stopped what they were doing. The woman stood up, and the man pulled his pants up. He refused to speak with the deputies, so the woman told them she and man met at a bar, started kissing and decided to find a place to have sex. They thought no one would see them there. The woman was cited for committing lewd acts in public and released on a promise to appear. The male subject was not as helpful. He still was drunk and was arrested for public intoxication and committing lewd acts in public. On the way to the Lompoc Jail, the man called himself a “good man” and accused the deputy of ruining his life. At the jail, the man complained of head pain and requested to see a doctor. At the Lompoc Emergency Room, the man told medical staff his head hurt because (the deputy) pushed him around. The deputy informed the man that a false accusation against a deputy was a crime. The man recanted, saying he was scared. He was later released from the emergency room and taken back to the Lompoc Jail.


Oct. 19

Cannabis Card — its here somewhere

While driving through the Chumash Casino parking lot, a deputy noted a parked vehicle with its brake lights on. He then saw two men, one sitting in the front and the other in the back of the vehicle. When he approached the vehicle, he smelled marijuana and observed a plume of smoke coming from the driver’s opened window. When he approached the vehicle, the deputy noted that the driver’s eyes were red and watery and his speech slurred. The driver said he had been smoking marijuana but possessed a “cannabis card.” However, the deputy was presented no such card, and he couldn’t locate one during a vehicle search. The 20-year-old driver was cited for possessing less than an ounce of marijuana.


Oct. 21

Wanted man escapes deputies

While driving westbound on Santa Rosa Road, a deputy noticed an old truck with what appeared to be a tail light out. He turned on his lights to initiate a traffic stop, but the truck continued at about 30-40 miles per hour. The truck bed had several boxes and a large German Sheppard in it. Still refusing to pull over, the truck pulled onto the dirt road of a winery. The heavy dust thrown up by the unyielding truck forced the deputy to back away, only able to see the red taillight of the vehicle blinking in the dust. The deputy caught up to the truck and saw it was stopped at a dead end. As he approached the vehicle, he was advised by dispatch that the truck was stolen and the driver was considered armed and dangerous. The deputy drew his gun and issued verbal warnings for the driver to show his hands. There was no response. Additional units arrived, and the deputies approached the truck, only to discover it was empty. They did, however, find an unarmed rifle behind the seat. A search of the area was conducted and a helicopter and K-9 were requested. Dispatch later informed deputies the male suspect was wanted in Monterey for a shooting. Fleeing from the Monterey County Sheriff Department, the man ditched his own vehicle and stole the truck. The German Sheppard was turned over to animal control.


Oct. 23

Suicidal subject on the run

Deputies were dispatched to the Santa Ynez Valley Cottage Hospital because a suicidal man fled the emergency room on foot. The day before, the Lompoc man made threats that he would fill his truck with explosives and drive it into the Lompoc police and sheriff’s department buildings. He was later found in his truck unconscious from a failed suicide attempt. He had tried to poison himself with carbon monoxide. The man was transferred to the hospital for treatment. Hospital restraints were initially used on the man, but shortly after their removal, the man pulled his catheter and I.V. out, put on his blue jeans and fled the hospital. A large-scale search was immediately called. About five hours later, the search was called off. The man was not found.