Is the media biased

Is the media biased? As Sarah Palin would say, “You betcha.”

If so, who does the media favor, the left or the right?

If you ask most republicans they would tell you the media favors the left and that the media is mostly liberal.

If you were to ask most democrats the same question, they would tell you just the opposite.

The democrats would be correct. I am not saying that just because I am a democrat, but because I believe it to be true.

President Bush is a conservative, and for the first six years of his presidency, he had a conservative-controlled Congress and now has given us a Supreme Court that also leans right by a five to four count.

Now granted they are not the media, but without the media buying into the right wing agenda, Bush would never have been elected.


The U.S. media is rapidly being gobbled up and monopolized by a dwindling number of parent corporations, most of which have conservative economic agendas. The Federal Communications Commission consistently has allowed the number of market shares these corporations can control to grow under the Bush administration.

Surveys of journalists from the 1980s showed that the mainstream media was for the most part liberal, but that was more than 20 years ago. Today’s media leaders for the most are not. I admit, no study has proven that today members of the media give their personal bias to the news.

On the other hand, the political spectrum of “pundits” who do engage in noisy editorializing leans heavily to the right; that’s the voice that is heard the loudest.

Right wingers even have their own media channel, Fox News, as well as control of talk radio, which for the most part, also is controlled by Fox News. Even numerous print publications such as the Wall Street Journal are controlled by conservatives.


But I’ve been told over and over again that it’s the liberals who dominate the media in the U.S. Rush Limbaugh, Thomas Sowell, Ann Coulter, Rich Lowry and Bill O’Reilly have all informed me of this fact.

Even  journalists and columnists William Safire, Robert Novak, William F. Buckley Jr., George Will, John Gibson, Michelle Malkin, David Brooks, Tony Blankley, Fred Barnes, Britt Hume, Larry Kudlow and even Sean Hannity, have all informed me that the media is biased to the left.

I feel so lucky to have all of these clear thinking, levelheaded, bipartisan media types looking out for my best interest by pointing out who is biased and who is not.

They have made my life a whole lot easier when it comes time for me to spot a liberal media person. You see, it turns out that whoever disagrees with any White House policy or the GOP is part of the liberal media.