Obama repairs Bush errors

“On the Ranch” (April 23-29) deplores the loss of savings by seniors and implies that this is the fault of current developments, namely the Obama administration.

In fact, the economic collapse that has decimated our savings took place entirely during the Bush administration. Economic indicators in April suggest that a “bottoming out” or even a modest recovery may be under way, but as President Obama has said, it will be long slog to recover from the economic failures of the Bush Administration.

“On the Ranch” also suggested that “radical changes in how we are viewed in the world, and it isn’t with respect … ” represent a negative view of the Obama administration.

In fact, nearly all polls on the subject, even Fox News, report a significant rise in the opinion of the rest of the world toward the United States during Obama’s first 100 days.


John A. Schnittker

Santa Ynez


Ignorant citizens to be feared

I can only hope Melanie Ryerson’s letter, published in your April 23-29 edition was a weak attempt at humor when Ryerson wrote that new residents to the valley “... should have to agree to our local, conservative traditions and present evidence that they are registered Republicans.”

She suggests this rule right after she declares that another disgruntled valley resident, unhappy with the Amgen Tour’s presence, “ ... has a right to do what she wants with her property.”

Apparently, according to Ryerson, Americans have only the rights she thinks are important. So, while there is a property right guaranteed by the 5th and 14th Amendments with which she agrees, there are not — apparently — those rights guaranteed by the 1st Amendment, which protect the free practice and expression of political beliefs.

One can only wonder what other constitutional rights Ryerson feels are valid and protected. My guess is that, as a good Republican, she feels the 2nd Amendment inviolable.

She probably also assumes she will have due process when confronted with the legal system, that she is protected from illegal searches, and will not be denied the right to vote, rights also protected by the same Constitution she either is ignorant of, or with which she disagrees.

But then again, I am more comfortable in believing that her letter was some form of political parody. If not, then the valley — and America — has much more to fear than an invasion of “liberals” moving into the valley and exercising their property rights to deny private all-male clubs, such as the Vistadores, from crossing their property.

An ignorant citizenry is something of which we should be very, very afraid.

Alison Keleher, Ph.D.

Los Olivos


Beyond traditional medicine

I would like to credit the recent “Healthy Geezer” article for stating some interesting facts about headaches, and even more important, for listing headache symptoms that should be evaluated by a qualified health professional.

However, I was disappointed the article gave no mention of any holistic treatments (except for the oxygen inhalation therapy). I don’t know the writer’s background, but I thought the article was medically biased and could have used some mention of chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, magnetic therapy, herbal treatments, nutrition, lifestyle and exercise protocol, etc. in relation to headache treatment. This is not saying there isn’t a time and a place for medical treatment.

For the rare headache cases that may involve a tumor, embolism, traumatic head injury, etc., medical intervention would definitely make sense. However, most headache sufferers do not have these kinds of serious medical emergencies.

Headaches do not result from an aspirin or ibuprofen deficiency. Such medications mask the pain but do not correct underlying problems. Long-term use of pain meds has been known to cause unhealthy side effects. Thus, people with the usual migraine or tension headache may want to look into alternate treatments.

We must keep in mind that headaches do not always directly stem from the area where the pain is felt (“ice cream” headaches are proof of this.) It is well known that the irritation of spinal nerves in the neck can lead to headaches. This is why people with chronic headaches should consider getting evaluated by a chiropractor.

Vertebra that are slightly out of alignment in the neck can irritate spinal nerves and refer pain up to the head. When this condition is present, a chiropractor is the most qualified health professional to treat it.


Edmund A. Geswein, D.C.



Don’t use Jesus in cartoons

When you allow the publishing of something that includes the derision of anything or anyone, you surely surpass the line of quality.

However, you go too far when that contempt is addressed to Jesus, His Blessed Virgin Mother and His resurrection, all of which we do believe in.

Surely you wouldn’t dare to do that about Mohammed or Islam, as you know someone would probably search for you to cut your head off. Whereas fear stops you from doing that, respect and common courtesy should stop you from doing it to Christians.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.


Rick and Ninni Lemus