Game over

It’s game over for some police officers who played video games while they raided a convicted drug dealer’s home in central Florida.

Surveillance video obtained by WFLA in Tampa caught the officers playing a Nintendo Wii bowling game, with one furiously jumping up and down in celebration. Officials say some of the officers could be disciplined.

Officers with the anti-drug task force had just stormed into the home of the convicted drug dealer, who was already in custody. One Polk County sheriff’s detective can be seen taking several breaks from cataloging evidence so she can bowl frames.

The officers did not know a video camera had been set up in the house before the March raid.


New hire is lost brother

A furniture delivery man in Maine says so many customers told him his co-worker looked just like him that he did some research.

And it turns out they’re brothers _ separated as babies 35 years ago when they were given up for adoption.

Randy Joubert says he and Gary Nisbet began working together in July for a bedding retailer in a tiny town named Waldoboro. Co-workers commented on how they both are light-haired, wear glasses and have stocky builds.

Three weeks ago Joubert asked about Nisbet’s birth date and the names of his birth parents. He says he almost fell over when he heard the answers and knew he had found his long-lost brother.

Nisbet says he was star-struck.

Their story garnered so much local attention it helped them find their half-sister.


Corpse untouched for years

Prosecutors say a Metairie man put his fatally injured father to bed and never checked on him again.

Fifty-nine-year-old Lon Adams says 81-year-old Leroy Adams Sr. died of natural causes, and grief and stress from Hurricane Katrina made him block out memory of the death and of the bedroom where the body lay.

Jury selection began Monday in 24th Judicial District Court, before Judge Conn Regan.

Lon Adams’ attorney, Joseph Raspanti, says that once all the facts are out it will be clear that Adams did not kill his father.

The coroner’s office says ribs and a neck bone were broken at or near the time Adams died, and found that he died from blunt-force trauma caused by “homicidal violence.’’


Naked man makes arrest

Authorities say a 91-year-old man in South Florida jumped out of bed naked and held an intruder breaking into his house at gunpoint until deputies arrived.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said Robert E. Thompson was awoken Saturday morning after a burglar climbed his backyard fence and was met by his charging dog, Rettt, a Rottweiler and Doberman Pinscher mix. Thompson heard the commotion, grabbed his .38-caliber revolver and phoned police without ever getting dressed.

Deputies say Thompson fired a warning shot at 26-year-old Jose Pasqual after the intruder started to come toward him. Pasqual was booked in the Palm Beach County Jail and did not immediately have an attorney.


Car crashes into station

This time, the emergency came right to the fire station.

Two cars collided near the fire station in Pelham, N.H., on Sunday, sending one crashing into the front pillar. WMUR-TV reports the car sat under a pile of bricks for hours as firefighters and a construction crew tried to figure out how to keep the front of the building from falling apart. The building later was determined to be structurally safe.

A police investigation indicated both vehicles were traveling northbound when they somehow collided at the intersection of Old Bridge Street and Marsh Road right outside the station. The intersection is due for reconstruction work in 2011.

The drivers were taken to local hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries.


Pair catch cash, not fish

Two Australian teenagers who found almost 100,000 Australian dollars ($87,000) in cash during a fishing trip have handed it over to police — after spending some time thinking about it.

The pair discovered the money earlier this month near the New South Wales town of Nimbin _ a center of hippie culture where members of numerous communes annually celebrate a festival to promote cannabis use.

The teenagers contacted police on Friday, after revealing the find to an unidentified adult they know and getting some legal advice, police said in a statement.

Inspector Greg Moore said police were investigating whose money it might be, and whether the stash of cash was linked to crime. “It could be proceeds of ill-gotten gains,’’ Moore told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. on Monday.

Police had searched an area at Tuntable Creek where the teenagers found the money, but found no more cash and no clues, he said.

He said the teenagers, who were not identified, might be able to claim the money if no one else comes forward with a legitimate claim.