Santa Ynez Valley Humane Society • (805) 688-8224


6 Months • M(N) • Chihuahua •8 lbs • Black

Tonka is a grinner. He lifts his teeny little top lip to show you his teeny little front teeth. He is quite proud of his teeth, so much so that he retained all his baby ones. We pulled the extras and now he’s ready to smile for you. Tonka is a “person” dog. He’ll play with dogs, but “his person” is his first love. He’ll fit nicely in the crook of your arm or the comfort of your lap. His beautiful smoke colored coat makes him a nice addition to any wardrobe. Come try him on for size.


2 years • M(N) • Domestic Short-Hair • 12 lbs • B/W Tabby

Meet Scooter, Mr. Outgoing. Scooter was the only son in his previous home until the couple became pregnant. They decided one boy was enough and Scooter had to move out. He is a confident man and after only an hour of investigation in his new digs at the Humane Society, he settled in for a long winter’s nap. Just look at those eyes! They are big, bright and translucent green. He’s waiting for you.

Lompoc Animal Shelter • (805) 737-7755


2 years • F(S) • Sable • Brown

Lovely Celia is happy to sit all day with you - in exchange for your pets and praise. This pretty girl’s coat changes from light to dark! She is litter box trained, and a very well behaved bunny. Please consider this nice bunny for your home. She’s waiting for you at the Lompoc Animal Shelter.

Happy Endings Animal Rescue Sanctuary • (805) 448-7138,

Staffordshire Terrier

This beautiful two year old American Staffordshire Terrier is a very sweet girl, is spayed and needs to be the only dog. For more information, please call (805)448-7138.

Animal Rescue Team, Inc. (805) 896-1859


Rescued, after being attacked by a Bird of prey. Female Squab pigeon avail. for immediate adoption, to good home ONLY. Very friendly and all healed now. Also, Not shown is a ring neck dove that had a fractured wing that was pinned. They must go together, as they have bonded during a very long rehabilitaion process here at the Animal Resue Team. Call to pick up an application, or visit


We now have an adult neutered male black. He sustained terrible injuries. He will soon he having his back leg amputated. He is the sweetest cat, gets along with other cats, and dogs, and humans, believe it or not.