June 3

Exhausted driver

Deputies following a noisy car in Santa Ynez pulled it over after it didnít make a full stop. Deputies spoke to the driver who said the exhaust was damaged and needed repair. The driver handed deputies an ID card and said her license had been suspended because of DUI. She was cited for driving on a suspended license and her car was towed.

June 2

Uh, just visiting

A deputy stopped a man on Highway 154 because his brake and headlights were out. When the deputy spoke with the driver, he told the deputy that he lived in Oceano. The deputy asked the man for his license, but he did not have one. The man changed his story and said he was only visiting a friend who lived in Oceano, though the registration, previous citation and repair bill all listed the manís home address as Oceano. The man was cited and his car was towed.

Two drivers with one stop

A pair of men were stopped in Santa Ynez because their brake lights were out. The driver handed deputies a photocopy of his driverís license and said he had lost the original. What he failed to tell deputies was, he had not misplaced his license, but rather had it taken away because it was suspended. Deputies cited the man and then asked his passenger if he had a driverís license. The passenger said he did and handed deputies a license that was also suspended. Because there was no one with a valid license, the car was towed.

May 30

Driving outside the lines

Deputies on the hunt for drunk drivers saw a van following them that was driving on the shoulder. Deputies stopped and let the van pass by and began following it. The van swayed back and forth across the center and side lines. Deputies pulled the van over and went to speak to the driver. As the windows rolled down, the air was saturated with the smell of alcohol. The man said he had not been drinking, but a breath test showed otherwise. Deputies also found a meth pipe inside the manís car. He was arrested and booked for DUI and possession of narcotic paraphernalia.

Unlicensed driver arrested

A car in Santa Ynez was driving slowly and weaving over the white lines. A deputy stopped the car and asked to see the driverís license. The man handed the deputy an expired Mexican license. The license was badly damaged and unreadable. Because the deputy couldnít identify the man based on the information he was given, he placed him under arrest for unlicensed driving. May 29

Beer and coke

Deputies on foot patrol in Solvang shone their lights into a parked car. Inside, they saw two men drinking beers. When deputies spoke with the men, they admitted to possessing alcohol in a vehicle and let deputies search their car, whereupon deputies found a small package of cocaine. The driver of the car admitted it was his and got booked into jail. The passenger was cited for the beer and released at the scene.

The smoking gun

A man was sitting in the dark, hunched over in his truck. Deputies walked over to see if the may needed help and as they did, they could smell burning marijuana. The man looked up and threw a lit joint onto the ground. Deputies told him not to touch it, but the man stomped it and ground it into the pavement. Deputies told the man that they knew it was marijuana and he admitted to having more joints in the car. He was cited for possession of marijuana and throwing a burning object on the ground.

May 27

An education

A string of cars did not yield to a pedestrian trying to cross the street in Solvang. A deputy stopped the last car in that string and asked the driver if she knew she had to yield to pedestrians. The driver argued with the deputy and told him that she did not have to stop. The deputy eventual explained the law to the woman and asked to see her driverís license. The woman handed the deputy a license that had recently expired. ďI have until the 16th,Ē the woman said, when asked why she was driving with an expired license. The deputy informed her that she did not have more time and that she was an unlicensed driver. She was cited for failure to yield and unlicensed driving. She thanked the deputy for the information.

May 3

A prescription for citation

Deputies ran the license plate of a parked car and found that the ownerís license was suspended. The owner was sitting inside the car, so deputies walked up to inform her of the suspension. The owner said she didnít know about the suspension but seemed nervous as deputies spoke with her. They asked if she had anything illegal in the car and the woman replied no. Deputies searched the car and found a bag of prescription pain killers in the front consul. The woman said she used various prescriptions, but those were old and she did not have a prescription for them. The woman continued to act nervously and hyperventilate while talking to deputies. They asked her if she used illegal drugs, and the woman said she hadnít in a long time. It turned out what she considered a long time was a few days, when she admitted to taking Ecstasy. The woman was cited for possessing the painkillers without a prescription.