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Santa Ynez Valley Humane Society • (805) 688-8224


2 Years • M(N) • Domestic Short-Hair • Orange Tabby

Calling all orange tabby lovers. You will not want to miss meeting Frankie, a.k.a. Mr. Personality, a.k.a. Gumby. He is a comic looking for a stage. You can pick him up and he will purr with enthusiasm, you can restrain him for a medical procedure and he will tolerate it well, but try to restrain him for a painless toe nail clipping and you will see an Oscar winning performance. He flops, he rolls, he complains loudly, but he does not resort to violence. He is just making his opinion known. In fact, he has a lot to say in general. He prides himself on his intellect and stimulating conversation. He gets a long well with other cats and seems to have no fear of dogs. Upon meeting a large dog he offered an appreciative nod, an approving rub, and then continued on his way. We suspect Frankie will move into his new home, nod his head in approval and take his place at the table.


3 Years •M(N) • Lab Mix

Hello, my name is Barlo. I am a lab mix with a beautiful build and a handsome face. My favorite thing in the world is to play with other dogs and to fetch balls. One of my newest friends is a dachshund mix puppy who likes to roll over in my presence. While I appreciate the gesture, there really is no need. I do try to encourage him with a gentle nudge to get up, but he insists on groveling. My larger dog friend and I like to run, chase each other and exchange play bows with exuberance. When I am not playing with dogs, I like the security of a predictable and quiet environment. Loud noises and unfamiliar things make me nervous. My favorite new home would have at least one other four legged buddy, a quiet person or couple who enjoy long walks and a serene tranquil lifestyle. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Let’s talk.

Lompoc Animal Shelter (805) 737-7755

Big Bopper

1.5 years •M/N • Dutch Mix • White w/grey

This lovely rabbit is looking for new friends. Bopper is used to humans, and will tolerate other rabbits (female only!). He is active and engaged, and ready to go! Can you provide this energized bunny with a forever home? Stop by the Lompoc shelter to get acquainted with Bopper.

Happy Endings Animal Rescue Sanctuary (805) 448-7138 •


This beautiful 2-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier is a very sweet girl, is spayed and needs to be the only dog. For more information, please call (805)448-7138.

Animal Rescue Team, Inc. • (805) 896-1859 •


Ali is now ready for adoption. She is tipping the scales at 52 pounds. She is now spayed, has had her shots, and is finally ready for adoption. She gets along great with other dogs, and kids. She is approx. 3 years young. Ali shows no signs of suffering from her previous condition when she was rescued. We hope to find a forever home that she is so deserving of.

White Kitty

She is 4 months old, primarily white with grey on her head and a few poke-a-dots on her side. She is strong, feisty and has the sweetest expressions. This little one survived being abandoned but ended up with an infection in her eyes, nose and her tongue (foxtail was stuck creating an abscess) Her immune system was compromised because of everything she had endured.