Los Olivos Café displays artwork from local and California artists as a way to promote the artists and add a different ambiance to the restaurant. Danny Hughes, a Santa Monica-based artist, recently had his pieces on display for about two months. Hughes uses mixed media that includes oil, paint and resin on wood panel. He also uses texts from different spiritual teachings to give the painting a special quality, he said.

“It was intriguing. It was different than anything else you would see,” said Anthony Endy, general manager of Los Olivos Café. Each month a different artist displays artwork – ranging from photography to painting – on the café’s walls.

“We have had artists who have sold up to six pieces while their art was on display,” said Endy. For the artist, it provides a chance to display his or her pieces in a different setting.

“That was my first venture up there and I plan on doing more,” said Hughes. “You go from place to place and opportunities present themselves.” Los Olivos Café also had more localized artists on display, like Lompoc-based photographer Jane Kametani. She also had her work exhibited at the Wildling Art Museum last October.

Los Olivos Café is currently displaying its featured art of the month by Voila Vintage and Francofolie Art Publishing. They print vintage pieces on fine art paper and canvases, including themes such as food, entertainment, fashion and travel. All the designs are reproduced from museum or collector originals.