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Mother Nature

I didnít believe it when I heard the weather forecaster say that we would have rain all weekend. The second time I heard that it was announced that the rain wouldnít go south of San Luis Obispo. We were all wrong.

Mother Nature is whacking us again! She provided ample, well-spaced rains during the winter, giving us the best grass crop weíve had in years. We thought we had hit the lottery. For once, we had good prices for our calves and lots of grass in the pastures to feed the coming new mouths, and then the winds came.

In a few short weeks of winds, our beautiful waving stands of long grass dried up and turned brown. So much for the green grass and plants that the cows prefer. Things were still better than usual, because there was nutrition even in the dried grass. Now, however, after a weekend of rain, what nutrition was left in the pastures has now been washed out, leaving only a filler behind. We shall have to supplement the cowsí feed with good hay all fall. This is the dilemma of the farmer or rancher. We are totally dependent on the whims of Mother Nature, first and foremost. Then when uninformed legislators pile on another layer of regulations and restrictions, it makes it either unprofitable or impossible to continue doing business. Is this reasonable under any scenario? Is it not more sensible to use some common sense in making our world safer and better for all?

I still havenít figured out why legislators continue to pass actual stupid laws meant only to prevent producers of our food, fiber and medicine from doing their jobs. It is hard enough as it is without having to deal with thoughtless regulations. We keep trying to express this to our representatives, but they seem more interested in maintaining whatever perks they enjoy. Apparently, the source of their food and fiber isnít that important to them. Is it important to you, or would you rather buy it from some other country where new strains of E. Coli and other deadly germs are proliferating?

Fire season

With the rain we had this past winter, we have had a lot of weeds and grass grow. As usual, when it dries up, the danger of massive fires exists in our valley. Homeowners are required to clear a space around their homes and outbuildings in order to keep them safe.

You may have noticed that our cows seem to move around throughout the spring and early summer. This is our fire plan, using our cows as our first line of defense. As they eat the grass and other greenery, the fire danger, when they dry, is significantly reduced. At the same time, they are happily being fed. We call the group that travels around the ranch our clean-up crew. They do a valuable job every year so that our homes, barns and other buildings are safe from fires.

Meanwhile, our friends who do so much for our environment and generally make our lives miserable have once again sued the Forest Service to expand the areas where fire retardants cannot be dropped. On the surface, the concept looks good because you donít want that red stuff everywhere, but on second thought, there are two big problems. One of the areas now off limits is any area having a river or creek.

In this country, namely the Valley and most Southern California valleys, the vast majority of creeks and many rivers are actually normally dry during the summer months, particularly late in the summer when most of the fires happen. Creeks are everywhere in the valleys, not even including those falsely labeled blue line creeks on our maps.

So if all locations having rivers or creeks are off-limits to fire retardant drops, the vast majority of our valley, mountain areas and a good deal of Southern California is off-limits to the only reasonable method to stop fires in inaccessible areas. This makes no sense to me.

I am sure that some semi-reasonable argument was given, such as the chemicals would damage something, but I suspect that what really happened, as always, was a deal to avoid further expensive litigation. It is sad that folks who claim to be concerned about the environment end up financing themselves on public agenciesí backs that pay with taxpayer dollars. What is really sad is that these folks would rather have peopleís homes burned, animals fried and valuable lands, public and private, decimated rather than use a tool we have to fight wildfires. Where do you stand on this issue?

While we are thinking about the devastation brought by fire, please be careful about where you park your car. With the high grass we have this year, some people are still not aware of the huge danger they face if they park their cars in it. Catalytic converters are extremely hot and can incinerate grasses and subsequently oneís car quickly.

I recently saw a couple of Caltrans vehicles parked in the tall grass while they were measuring for the roundabout. I wondered at the time if they realized what they were doing or if they had somehow determined that it was still green enough to be safe. They got lucky. Please be safe.


I had to laugh out loud the other day when I read an article about how some of the popular beaches in South County were being considered by Fish and Wildlife to be closed during the snowy plover breeding season.

Do you remember when the beaches in North County were closed to prevent damage to snowy plover nests and everybody had a fit? South County residents all thought it was a great idea, and we all thought that that was probably because none of their beaches was being closed. We wondered at the time why that was. Well, now itís their turn to lose the use of their beaches for a period of time and the South County residents now arenít nearly so excited about protecting the snowy plover. By the way, this bird is a pest in England, as there are too many of them around. Maybe they could ship some over and then ours wouldnít be endangered.

So, buck up, South County. Yes, itís a pain not to have access to your beautiful beaches but, hey, we all need to share the sacrifice donít we? Isnít that what our leaders keep telling us? Donít you think those little birds in the south are as important as those who nest in the north? Or is it the usual ďenvironmentalĒ mantra: As long as it doesnít affect my life, itís OK? Making your life miserable, difficult or impossible is fine.

Secure communities

Have you heard about this? Apparently there are some states including Illinois, Maryland, our own California and a number of others that have cities and counties that want to opt out of checking immigration status when someone comes in contact with law enforcement for a purported criminal act. Really? Is that kind of like the thinking that the double-yellow line down the middle of the road that, silly me, thought you werenít supposed to cross, really was only a suggestion?

So am I to understand that things I always was taught was a law is now to be taken as a suggestion that you can follow or not depending on how you feel about it? I find this rather alarming, as it is a fact that when a society no longer has rules to govern acceptable behavior, it tends to break down into chaos.

Is that the intent? There are those who believe that the change we were promised is connected to the creation of societal chaos where huge changes can be more easily made. It is very difficult to accept that there are people in this country who would wish such a radical course for us, but I am beginning to see the outlines of it. I am not alone in seeing this and there are those who are working hard to make sure that these plans are thwarted at every turn.

As time goes by, I have begun to see the hidden webs that exist for the purpose of changing everything we know into something that I donít think many of us will like. For those who continually deny the existence of such things and claim that I have never presented any evidence of wrongdoing clearly are operating on the theory that if you continue to repeat something even if it is clearly not true, some people will believe it.

I cannot help those people who just parrot the party line. It took me a long time to realize that things were exactly as they appeared and they were really stunning. What am I talking about? Have you noticed the constant blurring of our countryís borders? Have you noticed how many times requests have come from border states for help to stop the flood of illegal aliens, only to be ignored or sued by the federal government ?

Unless you listen to a particular news station, you probably didnít hear this last week about how one of the biggest reasons for Californiaís financial problems, aside from the liberalsí spending problem, is the many billions of dollars the taxpayers pay for the support of illegal aliens from every type of service from in-state tuition to medical to incarceration. Unfortunately, the majority of our traditional news sources have become so biased that they are totally unreliable as to reporting everything that is going on out there. They rely on you tuning into the usual stations and hearing only what they have to say. Please widen your horizons.


Do you believe in it? I think most people do and it is a daunting concept. Have you ever stared it in the eye? I have and it is quite a difficult thing to accomplish, but while doing so, it helps to remind yourself that what you are doing is to right a wrong. While it is often frustrating because evil has existed for a long time and has become quite accomplished in deceit and because I donít tend to think the same way, being patient has repeatedly brought people and things that have had or will have profound impacts on routing evil from our midst.

We live in a world where some people are rewarded more than others, where some peopleís hard-earned efforts are taken away for no reason and given to others who havenít worked for it, where people routinely lie and are not punished for it, where officials twist and turn the truth to suit their agendas, where major decisions are made behind closed doors that impact many people, and no one hears anything about it until it is too late to do anything about it, where there are forces at work that remain in the background that impact your life substantially Ė only to discover that it is only for the benefit of one small illegitimate group, where justice isnít justice anymore, where law enforcement doesnít exist to keep you safe but rather to cover up the bad behavior of others, where education is nothing more than brainwashing, where evil drives the agendas permeating your world.

When one is raised to believe that most people are good, it is disturbing to run into those who arenít. I have run into quite a few, but I am still convinced that the majority of people are good if not informed. I know from the responses I get from friends and complete strangers that what I have embarked on over the last couple of years is the right road for me and they appreciate it. I appreciate your appreciation.

While I am sad that the horse show I was going to attend next week has been cancelled due to a deadly equine virus going around, I will miss seeing some of my horses. In the meantime, I will continue to gather the threads of the investigation I have been doing so that I can present them to you. I hope to be in a position to do that soon with the full story. I promise it will knock your socks off!