Must love dogs

On Friday afternoon, Oct.15, I was walking in the riverbed with my three dogs. A neighbor’s pit bull rushed out of the bushes and chased my Chihuahua. She ran to a house off of Refugio Road. Not knowing if she was OK or where she was, it was the longest three hours of my life.

I was prepared to stay in the river until I found her. The heat took a toll on my other two dogs, as well as my husband.

I am writing this letter to thank the people that helped to look for Daisy: a nice young couple jogging with a yellow Volkswagen; Todd R. with his two labs; a Solvang City worker flushing out wells by the river course; and another nice gentleman under the Alisal bridge with his lab.

Thank you all for caring and promising to look for her. Special thanks to Adrianna, who found Daisy and got her back to me.

I am forever grateful. We will not be walking off Refugio again.

Debbie Higgins

Santa Ynez

Party time

According to the Tea Party and assorted Republican talking heads, the economic crisis our country faces today began with President Obama’s inauguration and his allegedly anti-business policies and over-regulation of industry.

The Wall Street “job creators,” who have outsourced tens of thousands of jobs while reaping record profits, by their estimation, bear no responsibility whatsoever. Amazing!

To give credence to these unapologetic revisionists, one would have to believe it was President Obama who created the deficit by giving tax breaks to the wealthiest 2% of our citizens in 2001 and 2003, concurred with former Vice President Dick Cheney that “deficits don’t matter,” and spent billions of dollars (off the books) not finding WMDs or Osama bin Laden.

One would have to believe it was “job-killing” regulations that caused the collapse of the financial industry in 2008, the British Petroleum oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and the coal mine explosion resulting in the deaths of 29 West Virginians at the Upper Big Branch Mine in April 2010. One might also believe the Earth is flat, professional wrestling is a real sport, and Fox News is real news. Such is the price of willful ignorance.

Robert Baruch


Take your pick

The 45-year-old war on drugs and poverty has made the problem worse in America. Welfare, food stamps and Section 8 are just a way to make people more dependent on government, like drugs. Abolish Welfare, food stamps and the war on drugs, and help free the people who are addicted through churches, families, charity programs and neighbors.

Kevin O’Connor

Santa Barbara