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Voter fraud: The Reveal, Part 1

I hope you had a chance to read the front page article Oct. 30 in the Santa Barbara News-Press addressing the issue of voter fraud in our 2008 election. I applaud them for their reporting as they, along with the Journal, are the only two papers in the county who have fairly reported what we have discovered.

Essentially the article enumerates the report from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department, saying that there was evidence of fraud not just from one election, the investigation of felonious irregularities in a variety of codes such as more than 3,000 violations of Election Code 2138 and Election Penal Code 18103 where a third party circulator must deliver by hand or mail registrations to the Registrar of Voters within three days. These registrations were held from two to three weeks.

Then there was the issue of handwriting that did not match between the registrations and the provisional and vote by mail ballot envelopes. Additionally, and more seriously, charges of identity theft are also included by students who claim they did not give the personal identification such as birthdate to the third party circulator who was hired by the Voter Education Research Fund (VERF) largely funded by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Many of these students also had their political affiliation changed to Democrat from other parties such as Independents.

Signatures were sent to a nationally recognized handwriting expert Howard Rile Jr., certified with and a past president of the American Board of Forensic Document Examiners Inc. He agreed that signatures on new registrations did not match those on the vote by mail and provisional ballot envelopes. Some of them were so different that any idiot could tell they were not done by the same person but it was important that an expert agreed.

Then there were the seven different signatures of Chrissy, Christine or Christina who worked for the Campus Democrats at UCSB. We printed them on the front cover of the Journal some time ago. Do you remember that? Did she loan out her name to other circulators so they could register more names quickly, did she change her signature frequently – or what exactly was going on here? Surely this demands investigation.

The issues are numerous, voluminous and spelled out in election law. While it seemed pretty obvious that something was quite wrong with our election system here with 101% overall voting in Isla Vista and UCSB, we really did not understand quite how serious and widespread it was until we started looking at the Facebook pages of some of these circulators where they foolishly bragged about having registered 10,000 new voters and revealed their network of college and university campuses from Hawai’i to New Hampshire.

What this said to me was that there was possibly an enormous machine that operated across the country through the universities and colleges to control our elections. The idea of this was horrifying to me, as I know there has been a machine here locally for a very long time. When I hear the media talking about the upcoming elections, I cringe because I believe that if we don’t break the back of this machine, our elections will continue to be fake and meaningless. It will be no different than a banana republic where your vote counts for nothing especially if you are supporting the opposition.

I know that this is an issue across the country because every day are new reports of voter fraud in Florida, the mayors’ race in San Francisco, Indiana, Washington, Buffalo, N.Y., and other places. Residents in these areas are screaming for a federal investigation, but what do we hear? President Obama is going to have “voter protection teams” in place for the next election. Is that like the New Black Panthers who were “protecting” the voting in Pennsylvania? Somehow, I am not reassured.

I find it interesting that while the SBNP article mentions that our own District Attorney Dudley acknowledges there is an investigation going on, there seems to be a bit of a problem. Nine long months ago the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department forwarded on the information that we had managed to uncover regarding the 2008 election with their conclusions that laws had been broken to the State office responsible for investigating voter fraud.

We have been told by Paul Rutledge, the person in charge, that three of the five investigations are complete and the other two are close to completion. So I have a question? Why is an investigation in San Francisco taking less than a month and our investigation taking more than nine months? Is someone dragging their feet? Why would that be? Don’t they know we have another important election coming up or is that why the slowness? I really am getting fed up with the dawdling around in the courts that to date have been less than inspiring, the local officials who either don’t want change or the lethargy for state people to not want to rock the boat? What is it? I have my suspicions and some facts that I will disclose later but what do you think?

I believe it is time for you to stand up and demand of your officials that they do the job they were hired for. If enough of you make enough noise, perhaps we can get some action here. It is not civil of them to deny us the truth even if it causes some discomfort to themselves or others. Will you join us in asking for those who committed these violations to be officially named and prosecuted? If we are to restore the sanctity of our elections, we need to do this now. Let your voice be heard loud and clear. Write or call.

Oil tax

I guess they still don’t get it. The Board of Supervisors, while slashing the public safety budgets they are required by law to provide and continuing to plan at great expense for “sustainable communities,” a United Nations socialist agenda, they now announce they are considering implementing a tax on oil companies that extract oil locally. Do you think that might have a direct impact on you? While we are all still struggling to make sure we can pay our bills or meet our payrolls, they think it is prudent to add another increase to our gas bills. Is this really a sensible or sensitive way to behave? We all know that the county, like many other parts of the country where politicians also ignored, the age-old edict of only spending what you have, is short of funds and has had to cut back on what expenses are doable. This is why parks are being closed, people being thrown out like at Lake Cachuma, libraries are either having their hours shortened or eliminated altogether and law enforcement budgets slashed. I find it a pathetic lack of integrity that justice is no longer available for everyone because of a lack of jail space. Or at least that is the excuse given. If the county had made funds available for a North County jail when we had a new source of criminal behavior, we would not be in this unconscionable state now. So while the current board is pushing their progressive agenda while they can which they know won’t be for much longer, is it “fair” (something they talk about being for all the time) to now make oil companies, and thus us, pay more for fuel because they overspent? I think not. What do you think? Occupy yourself We still keep hearing about the Occupy groups all over the place. Most are having problems with some violent confrontations with law enforcement and locals who cannot run their businesses. Had you ever considered why this was happening and how all of this started? We know that most people are frustrated with the apparent inability of any part of our government to make sensible decisions that will bring this country out of the economic doldrums. Two years ago, we had a tremendous downturn where everybody lost a great deal of money. IRAs, 401(k)s, stocks and funds of all sorts were wiped out and since then the economy has stayed bad, no jobs, stock market hurtling up and down on a daily basis that is guaranteed to give you nausea. So what have we heard? The rich are at fault because they don’t pay enough taxes (not true), Wall Street is bad because they are making money (yes, they are making money but within rules set by Washington and isn’t that what we are all trying to do?) and wealth redistribution is the way to go. Since when did the college students and homeless all become Marxists? Now we hear about the violence that is occurring in these encampments. Where is that coming from? If you have been doing your homework and read the book Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky, you will see a familiar framework that progressives operate under. Would it surprise you to know that the organization ACORN, renamed something else to fool you, had a hand in starting these demonstrations and certainly is involved in making it a more radical agenda including using the fear factor of violence to get their way? Don’t be fooled! This is only a political tactic used by the progressives to make you think that you cannot do anything about it. You absolutely can and while it may seem like everything is a mess, we can change this. I would not have spent the last two years of my life doing what I have been doing if I did not firmly believe that we can fix this. You have been lied to by much of the media, but they don’t understand the mind of the American people. We are very resilient and we can overcome anything we put our minds to. Are you with me and your fellow citizens? Speak up! If you don’t, you will lose. Don’t be one of those! Email or Let’s have a hopeful Thanksgiving and give thanks that we have been blessed with such a wonderful country!