Santa Barbara County Supervisor Farr takes 2008 Election Contest case back to Superior Court

SANTA YNEZ, Calif., Feb. 23, 2011 – Steven Pappas announced Thursday that he has filed a motion to continue the 2008 Election Contest Attorney Fee hearing, presently set for March 21, 2011.

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The motion seeks time to conduct discovery related to Doreen Farr’s claim to more than $550,000 in attorney fees from the 2008 Election Contest litigation.

Pappas is contending that Farr is not entitled to fees for work performed for her personal benefit and that she had various personal reasons to defend the election contest for the 3rd District Supervisor race in 2008; among them to protect some of her Campaign Committee members, who are now under criminal investigation for voter fraud in and around the UCSB and Isla Vista precincts. The final 2008 Election results showed that 101% of registered voters in the nine UCSB Precincts cast a ballot as compared to 62% voter turnout across the rest of the nation. In the Election Contest Appeal, the Appellate Court took the position that if there was voter fraud, then the people committing violations of the Election Code should be criminally prosecuted. Since the time of the original trial, Pappas alleges that more evidence has been found regarding voter fraud in the election. Pappas says he followed the direction of the Appellate Court and immediately took the voter fraud evidence to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department who reviewed it in detail and concluded that “there appears to be evidence that numerous violations of the California Elections Code took place during the Santa Barbara County 3rd District Supervisors race, held on November 4, 2008.” Subsequently, the investigator forwarded his report, with the supporting evidence, to the California Secretary of State Election Fraud Investigation Unit, who then opened its own investigation. According to the investigation unit, several individual cases have now been opened in this matter.

Many of the individuals being investigated were members of the Voter Education and Registration Fund (VERF), the organization conducting the extensive voter registration drive on the Santa Barbara City College and UCSB campuses as well as in Isla Vista. Some of these same individuals were directly affiliated with Farr’s Campaign Committee; funds flowed from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) to VERF, to the Farr Campaign Committee, and then to individuals who were connected to VERF and voter registration drives.

Pappas believes that the investigation by the Secretary of State into election code violations will center on the many registration cards that were submitted to the County Recorder’s Office under the names of students who were unaware of the registration cards, along with the use of their forged signatures on those cards.