Jeremy Foster

Column: Staff Writer

Jeremy came to the Journal after working for the Santa Barbara News-Press for a year as a general reporter. He earned his bachelor's degree in journalism from Cal State Northridge. Jeremy writes about county government for the Journal. In his spare time, he listens to Radiohead but doesn't do much else. In the office, he eats carrots and a frozen pizza every single day. Additionally, Jeremy's body temperature is so out of whack that he must don his parka and mittens to write his stories. On the brighter side, Jeremy is no longer afraid of the dark.

Willis Jacobson

Column: Staff Writer

Willis is a Florida Gator “by birth” who arrived in the Valley by way of the Florida Keys. A Gainesville, Fla., native and alumnus of the University of Florida, his interests include watching college football, enjoying warm weather and more college football. Willis, who also covered sports in North Carolina, writes about sports and the city of Solvang for the Journal. When he isn’t watching a game or checking his fantasy teams, he is most likely exploring the Valley with his girlfriend and their evil puppy.

Jim Luksic

Column: Editor

Jim has been a professional journalist for 20 years, but nobody has bothered to stop him. He has served as a reporter, sports and news editor, film critic, columnist and magazine editor. Prior to landing in Southern California, Jim worked in Kansas, New Mexico, Ohio, Indiana and the Florida Keys. His favorite teams include the Oakland Raiders, L.A. Lakers, Cincinnati Reds and Kansas State Wildcats. When not writing, he can be found at the movies, coffee shops and driving aimlessly around the Valley.

Pat Murphy

Column: HoofBeats

Pat Murphy has been writing for Valley newspaper columns since 1976, including 10 years for the Santa Barbara News-Press and also the Montecito Journal, which turned into the Santa Ynez Valley Journal. Magazine contributions include Countryside, Western Horseman, Cowboys and Indians, California Thoroughbred, Guest Magazine. She is the author of the book Santa Ynez Valley Secrets, first published in 1998. Currently writing the Journal’s weekly Hoofbeats column.

Ray Navis

Column: Golf & Travel

Ray Navis has been writing a travel column for over 10 years. His Golf Experience includes: 40 years of competitive golf; starting and then selling a golf company; starting and running several charity golf events. His business background includes 20 years of investment management and 10 years of Executive Recruiting.

Harris Sherline

Column: Just My Opinion

Harris R. Sherline is a retired CPA/Business manager and executive who has lived in the Valley for over 20 years. Harris also has an extensive background in the charitable works, having served on many non-profit boards, including seven years as Chairman/CEO of the Santa Ynez Valley Cottage Hospital. He stays active with business consulting and writing opinion columns on a wide variety of topics.